It is estimated that over 400 million people around the world regularly save and borrow together in community groups and with friends. They use these transactions to make investments and earn a return. But the problem is that most of these groups are offline and manual.

MiKashBoks is a digital social finance platform that makes saving and lending in groups easier and safer. They provide a safe and connected way for these groups to transact and access formal financial services where modern banking services don't exist.

Visit them at https://mikashboks.com/


Native mobile app UX/UI

New Member Onboarding

Onboarding was designed to be as simple as possible—only requiring the most basic user information in order to get started. Users are able to add in payment information later in the user flow. This keeps the user from feeling overwhelmed and diving deeper into the app.

Welcome to MiKashBoks

After account creation, users are met with a dashboard that offers them different ways to complete their profile and learn more about the inner workings of the app.

This is also their home base for receiving alerts related to group invitations, reminders for payments, and accessing their profile information.

Admin Dashboard

Admins use their dashboard to start new savings groups, keep an eye on stats related to existing groups, and invite new members. Admins are always have visual indicators with their avatar so users always know who to reach out to with questions or comments.

Savings Group Setup

Creating a savings group is a multi-step process that allows admins to set up the rules that members must follow while participating in saving. Using a mix of text inputs, radios, multi-selects, and more, admins are able to dial in exactly how the savings group will work. Admins may return to this process later if thet need to tweak the savings experience.

Participating in a Savings Group

As a member of a savings group, users have a clear understanding of timelines, amount to contribute, and who they still may owe money to. They also have the ability to set up autopay, link cards or accounts and make payments whenever they're ready.