MDRT Academy App Refresh

The MDRT Academy is an app that helps financial advisors learn from the best in their industry so they can build long, thriving careers. I was tasked with refreshing the app with a focus on user engagement.

This involved a full redesign of how users consume video, articles, and podcasts, discover related content, and engage via reactions. Additionally, I conducted a full color audit and developed a new color library, developed new illustrations for achievements, and animations for user reactions.


Web and native mobile user interface, animation, illustration, ui color audit

User Reaction Animations

I designed reaction animations along with an intuitive UI from the ground up so users can easily interact with Academy's content and have a bit of fun while doing it.

Reactions now exist throughout the whole app to show users the most popular content so they can begin engaging with the best and most relevant information.

Full Color Audit

An ad-hoc, wild-west color system created discord within the interface as well as slowed down design and development.

I audited over 200 unique colors in the app and created a new color system and naming scheme that allowed design and development to speak the same language and provide a refreshed harmony throughout.